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Our nurses are highly skilled and registered, currently practicing in the NHS at a senior level. They have extensive experience in ear irrigation to remove wax. They also undertake regular training and updates to ensure a safe and effective solution to your ear problems. 

Why should I come in for Ear Syringing

An earwax build up is likely to be caused by the wax being pushed into the ear canal during cleaning with cotton buds. Although recognised by loss of hearing, there are other symptoms, which include coughing, itching, ringing and sometimes pain.

Ear syringing itself involves using a flow of low-pressure water via a specialised ear irrigator to harmlessly remove the earwax blockage. Quick and painless, we offer appointments here at maple leaf twice weekly or for a small additional charge we can offer a visit in the comfort of your own home.

We would also recommend you prepare your ear canals for ear syringing, by using olive oil ear-drops to soften the wax twice daily for 5-7 days prior to your appointment.

Don't be tempted to use other ear drops as we have observed that they can damage the skin in the ear canals. The only really safe drops are pure olive oil recommended by ENT consultants.

We have a clinic every Thursday morning, alternate Thursday evening and Wednesday evening here at Maple Leaf Clinic and are happy to be flexible if you require a home visit.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Ear syringing services have now resumed in clinic.

Please contact the Maple Leaf Clinic to book your appointment: 020 8255 9666