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Dr Mereille Nemh practice focuses on mental health matters, from anxiety and depression through to more complex matters routed in developmental or psychological concerns.

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Dr Mereille Nemh trained in Anatomy and physiology before training in Medicine. She has sought to specialize thereafter in Mental health and has an MSc from the University of Liverpool in Applied Psychology. Her practice now focuses on mental health matters. Her main professional interests are in child development psychology including special needs, but also in psycho-dermatology and body-related psychological matters.

She also has a large portion of her practice dealing with young adults and their educational and psychological health. Most recently, she has become interested in the use of AR-VR in the treatment of a range of anxiety issues, phobias and PTSD-related matters, sitting on the forefront of the use of new technology in mental health. In this, she is a thought leader in the UK and Middle East. She works well with family groups and in particular with English, French and Arabic patients.

Her practice covers the range of anxiety and depression through more complex matters routed in developmental or psychological concerns.

Dr Mereille Nemh believes that her diversity of professional training allows her a distinct diagnostic advantage in getting to the route of the problem effectively and then balancing talk therapy and nutrition/wellbeing with more traditional pharmacological approaches. She pursues a case formulation approach based on a warm and approachable professional manner.