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London Interventional Clinic - Spinal Medicine and Pain Management Availability at Maple Leaf – Wednesday & Thursday pm. Office Hours Mon-Fri 9:00 – 5:00 (please check with office for slot availability)

At the London Interventional Clinic our mission is clear and simple - to deliver innovative minimally-invasive treatments for painful spinal conditions and pain management. Pain can affect any part of the body and we understand the impact this has your life. At London Interventional Clinic we aim to remedy your pain while avoiding the need for surgery (where possible). We offer Harley Street Consultant expertise in interventional spinal medicine to convenient locations across London, including here at the Maple Leaf Clinic in Twickenham.

We specialise in treating wide-ranging and multiple types of pain including; joint pain, sports injury, migraines and, of course, spinal pain. Whether it is acute or chronic, we can help. Our treatments range from steroid injections, capsaicin patch therapy, neuromodulation, epidurals, spinal injections and nerve blocks. Our consultations are complemented by rehabilitation therapy, where appropriate, and, as we take an interventional approach, we strive to give our patients the choice of offering a real solution whilst avoiding surgery and to experience real pain relief without the need for long-term medication.

Please note that any spinal interventional treatments would need to be carried out separately under image-guidance at selected hospitals in central London. When you book your initial consultation directly with us, we can arrange to see you quickly in one of the tasteful, sterile and safe clinic rooms here at the Maple Leaf Clinic. As we strive to be environmentally friendly, we send confirmation (and any subsequent correspondence) via email with an attached pain questionnaire to complete.

Further to this, we will arrange assessment and consultation with Dr Humble who will formulate a multi-stage treatment plan, outlining all recommendations and investigations required. Should any minimally invasive pain management procedures be indicated, these will be booked promptly and physical rehabilitation will also be implemented as appropriate. You will then be reviewed 4-5 weeks following your procedure or otherwise indicated. Feel free to speak with the reception staff at the Maple Leaf Clinic who can contact us on your behalf. Our friendly and professional team are always here to help with any queries or concerns and we look forward to meeting you and helping you soon!

Expert consultation and assessment of your pain needs · Injection therapy / Radiofrequency Treatment / Capsaicin Patch Therapy · Medication / Rehabilitation / Working around your needs · Friendly, reliable and professional team ready to help you today·