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Spirituality Series: Meditation

Introduction to the Series

At Maple Leaf we believe in holistic medicine which is the idea that in order to achieve optimal well-being we must we must assess the whole person: the mind, body and spirit. In this blog series we are going to focus on one of the five aspects of holistic medicine, Spirituality. We will cover the things that improve and maintain spiritual well-being to help you connect with you could and the great world around you.


This section of the series is about meditation. Meditation is the practice of engaging your mind to focus on a certain thought, activity or object to increase your mindfulness and mental clarity. This often requires one to create a state of calm in a silent environment for a period of time to concentrate on what you want as deeply as possible. Meditation often forces us to gain a certain awareness and perspective that can ultimately help us to mange life better whether it be mental health, emotions, stress or focus. All in all, meditation allows you to understand yourself better which will inevitably help you grow into a better person.

How to Meditate?

Meditation is free and requires no additional equipment, anyone can do it. Before beginning it is ideal to find a quiet safe place where you won’t be interrupted, allocate a time period for your meditation, if you are just starting out it would best to keep it between 5 to 10 minutes. When getting into position it is best to chose a position you can hold for a while such as sitting in a comfortable chair, crossed legged on the floor or lying down. Once you are settled start to focus on your breath going in and out in order to calm your mind, if you feel your thoughts start to wander do not worry just acknowledge the thought and bring your attention back to your breathing. Once you feel relaxed and focused start to think about anything you feel you need to confront or bring awareness to. When you decide to wrap up slowly transition your awareness to your surroundings and take note of the emotions and thoughts that have arisen. If you feel like you need a bit more guidance you can find plenty of guided meditation videos online to follow.

Benefits of Mediation

Meditation can help to tackle stress to bring inner peace. In the long run meditation can remove the negative emotions that consume your everyday life, it permits you to focus on the present which eliminates anxiety. In addition, research suggests that meditation can be used to battle symptoms of certain medical conditions including anxiety, asthma, chronic pain, sleep problems, high blood pressure and more. Aside from this meditation promotes positivity and a positive mindset will always make everyday life easier. If you are having a tough time at the moment or you simply just want to better yourself have a go at it to see if it helps.